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We are as hands on as you need us to be. We can simply provide labor to help you get your sampling done, or we can provide services for every step of the soil sampling process to ensure a complete fertility solution for your business. From planning and logistics to shipping and results we've got you covered.


We provide published books for each field detailing soil fertility results and soil type information for your customers. All of the results are branded with your company's image, ensuring your customers get a familiar and cohesive service.


With the E4 Crop Intelligence software platform, you are connected to us, the soil labs, and grower portfolios 24/7. This allows for seamless work ordering, accurate data transfer, secure data storage, and robust fertility planning and implementation.


The software also allows you to generate and view sample history reports, fertilizer product reports, and past fertility information in just a few clicks from anywhere or any device with internet access.


We start by creating a custom soil sampling plan. We discuss and communicate your needs to ensure all work orders are accounted for and completed. We also pre-plan each field and create a sampling guide to ensure every job meets and exceeds our high standards.


All of our field technicians are Responsible Nutrient Management certified. Each participates in a biannual training field day. We use hand probes to ensure an accurate and uniform sample, every time.


Because of our lab connections we return results within days of sampling. The quick turnaround gives our customers time to discuss and implement fertility plans with customers. All of our provided results come with an analysis book detailing field by field fertility information for each grower.


Once the soil test results are in, we publish results information in a book for each field a grower has sampled. The books contain the lab report, soil sampling maps, and soil type maps. Also included is an "Interpreting Lab Results" Booklet containing descriptions and information of each test performed on that field.

We also work with all of our clients to ensure the proper monitor and controller files are ready to go for fertilizer application, and we work with many business to get sampling data transferred to the necessary parties in a timely manner.

Custom Results Book

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Sampling Maps & Fertilizer Recs

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