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Soil Sampling



Independent Growers

We offer complete fertility management services. Call today to learn how we can help you make informed decisions for greater yields.

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Our independent approach allows us to cooperate and work with multiple ag businesses and professionals to provide our customers with the most complete and unbiased soil fertility and fertility recommendation solutions. By not selling or endorsing any products our customers can be sure we are providing an unbiased fertility recommendation.


Our network of software platforms, multiple soil laboratories and agronomic resources enables our customers to make the most informed fertility management decisions, for greater yields.


Northwest Ag Tech





We are involved in every step of the sampling process to ensure it is completed in line with our high quality standards.





Complete Service

As soon as we receive the lab results, we create a custom tailored and independent fertility plan for each field. Our recommendations are easily sent to any ag retailer or coop for application.


Additionally, we provide both printed result books and digital result information for each field.

The soil sampling process starts with thorough planning. We discuss the sampling goals with each customer to create a custom plan that specifically fits each grower’s unique needs. Sample points are then preset for each field ensuring a successful sample process that meets the plan, every time.

Each of our sampling technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable. We use hand probes to ensure an accurate and uniform sample, every time.


Once the soil has been collected we process and double check each sample before packing and shipping to your preferred soil laboratory.

Why Should I Grid Sample?



With the increased use of yield maps, growers can now see the variability of yields and, consequently, nutrient removal from area to area within their fields. This is a major reason for variable rate fertilizer application.

Identify areas that need additional fertility,
as well as those that do not.
Fertilizer can then be applied accordingly.

Midwest Laboratories “Why Grid Sample” publication, 2014

why grid sample

Grid soil sampling allows you to strategically apply fertilizer to the areas in the field that need it and not in areas that don't. While you may save money with variable rate fertilizer application, cutting expenses shouldn't be the goal. Often keeping the same fertility budget and reallocating fertilizer to the appropiate places within the field, instead of cutting fertilizer, will return higher yields and in turn higher profits.

Optimize Fertilizer Placement by Grid Soil Sampling

Results based on test by E4 Crop Intelligence on 47 acres in Harrison Co Iowa.

*savings based on cost difference of E4 reccomended fertilzer applied by 2.5 grid sample analysis vs blanket rate application and Fall 2014 fertilizer prices over 47.5 acre Harrison Co. field.

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