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Revolutionizing agriculture through
information and technology.

Northwest Ag Technologies is a proud

representative of E4 Crop Intelligence.

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E4 Crop Intelligence is a precision ag solution that integrates services and technology into one cohesive platform. Data-generated maps, monitor-ready variable rate instructions, crop planning and analytics, seed positioning and more—the E4 platform excels at turning raw field data into actionable crop intelligence.




Turn Data into Intelligence


Yield drivers, what actions make sense, what issues can we anticipate and avoid, etc.

Yield patterns, fertility patterns, pests, etc.

Soil type, fertility, crop history, yield,

seed placement,  etc.

From Precision Ag to Crop Intelligence

E4 has been in the precision ag (PA) business in Iowa for 16 years and is today one of the country’s largest PA firms. The fact this platform has been built and tested by precision ag specialists is what makes it both powerful and useful.

The capacity to collect, store, analyze and apply information is increasingly important in today’s farming operations. In addition to making day-to-day decisions, such information provides strategic advantages – such as tracking improvements in field productivity, determining viable rents, even documenting inputs. The common challenge is preventing raw data from getting lost or being collected in an unusable format. That is, until now.


​Why Invest in Precision Ag?
Modern farming is a capital intensive business. Incremental management improvements quickly add up to significant dollars. Various technologies – GPS, yield monitors, variable rate controllers – offer exciting ways to improve financial returns if you know how to capitalize on them.
"Big Data"
U.S. agriculture has entered the “big data” age. The rapid evolution of technologies (sensors, GPS) enables growers to collect enormous volumes of data. But the challenge for most growers, retailers and farm managers is what to do with gigabytes of data stored in different formats in different databases. How do you transform it into actionable information?
The E4 Crop Intelligence software platform integrates services, software and data into a single source system.

E4 Crop Intelligence, LLC is a registered trademark of E4 Sons Co., Woodbine, IA © 2016 E4 Sons Co. All rights reserved.

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