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Whether you only need sampling labor or need a complete soil sampling solution, we offer competitive retail pricing options.

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Complete Solution





We are as hands on as you need us to be. We can simply provide labor to help you get your sampling done, or we can provide services for every step of the soil sampling process to ensure a complete fertility solution for your business. From planning and logistics to shipping and results we've got you covered.


We provided published results books detailing the soil fertility for your customers. All of the results are branded with your company information, ensuring your customers get a familiar and cohesive service.


With the purchase of a retail software account with E4 Crop Intelligence, you are connected to us, the soil labs, and customer portfolios 24/7. This allows for seamless work ordering, accurate data transfer, secure data storage, and robust fertility planning and implementation.


The software also allows you to generate and view sample history reports, fertilizer product reports, and past fertility information in just a few clicks from anywhere or any device with internet access.



We start by creating a custom soil sampling plan. We discuss and communicate your needs to ensure all work orders are accounted for and completed. We also pre-plan each field and create a sampling guide to ensure every job meets and exceeds our high standards.

Our sampling technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable. We use hand probes to ensure an accurate and uniform sample, every time.


Once the soil has been collected we process and double check each sample before packing and shipping to your preferred soil laboratory.



Because of our lab connections we return results within days of sampling. The quick turnaround gives our customers time to discuss and implement fertility plans with customers. All of our provided results come with an analysis book detailing field by field fertility information for each grower.






From cooperatives to custom applicators, farm management companies and agronomy centers, Northwest Ag Technologies currently provides contract sampling services to many ag businesses across the midwest. We understand that every business is unique and has specific needs. Our strategy is to create a long lasting partnership. We do this by assessing and discussing the needs of each business we work with. We then create an individualized service plan to ensure the specific needs are addressed and fulfilled.



Lab Connections



Through the E4 Crop Intelligence software platform we are seamlessly connected to multiple soil laboratories. This allows us to efficiently transfer soil sampling data and receive soil fertility results accurately and timely.


Northwest Ag Technologies currently works with four soil laboratories across the Midwest. However, if your business currently utilizes or is interested with a lab not listed, let us know and we'll explore availability and pricing options of your preferred lab. Our goal is to provide an efficient soil sampling service that fits seamlessly into your business.



E4 Connected Labs

Other NW Ag Tech Labs



We are located in Iowa, in the heart of the Midwest, but we serve many states across the US. We have sampling locations in Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Florida.


We are continually expanding and have the ability to provide comprehensive sampling solutions to businesses and growers large and small wherever your operation may be.

Sampling Territory Map

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