We strive to provide independent technological services that allow growers to create sustainable operations through optimized management practices based on informed decisions.




In the spring of 2013 a father and son had a simple vision, to provide famers with quality agricultural services in a professional and personable manner. In a world full of rising food demands, land prices, and input costs, growers are faced with increasing operational challenges. It is the goal of Northwest Ag Technologies to provide growers with the tools to increase efficiency and get the most out of their available resources enabling them to grow profits and increase yields. Clint and Leon opened up shop in their hometown of Paullina, IA in April 2013.

The group partnered with E4 Crop Intelligence, located in Woodbine, IA to allow them to provide cutting edge technologies and services in the Agricultural industry. 



We have a complete group of trained and personable team members to make your experience with us effective and seamless. 


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Full A&L boxes ready for the lab
Sampling in Northeast Texas
Sampling Rigs
Passing storm by Faulkton, SD
South Dakota Prairie
Fall 2015 Sampling
Finished and packing up in Oklahoma
Tim in a citrus grove going to corn
Fall 2015 in Oklahoma
Arkansas Rice Fields
Irrigation canal in Vero Beach, FL
Test Flights
Terraces north of Denison, IA
Iowa Soil Sampling Run
Pivots in Texas
Zach and Tim in Florida
Northwest Ag Technologies Office
Sampling in Crawford County Iowa
Soybean Field in Western Iowa
The end of a day in Oklahoma
Spring Test Flights
Irrigated Corn Field
Pemiscot County, MO Rice Fields
Missouri Bootheel
Flooded Rice Field
AgAIR Aerial View
Sampling at Sunset
Missouri Sampling Run
Mapping the Sample Points
Growing Corn
Onboard View in Crawford County Iowa
O'Brien County, Iowa at Night
Missouri Rice Fields at Night
Florida Sunset
Finishing up for the Day